Return to play Rink Hockey – COVID-19 guidance document

There’s no getting away from it, right now the sport is really feeling the effects of the current Coronavirus pandemic. We are closed off from the sport and community we love. It’s a very hard time for us all, but there IS a route back to play.

We’ve worked very hard to compile a guidance document for our club and sport as a whole which we aim to use moving forward. We have been able to reference other sports who play in similar confined spaces that we enjoy and taken government advice to make sure we don’t break any rules. This document is to show how serious we take everyone’s safety and once we get a green light we can get back to enjoying recreational Rink Hockey once again.

As a club we have tried to come to terms with things can’t be the way they used to be initially so we need to adapt. A new normal is spoken about a lot, it’s a phrase we’re all aware of but what does it mean for Rink Hockey? Like a lot of sports, we first need to follow the rules of the government. The last thing we want to do is put anyone’s health of their nearest and dearest at risk of this virus. But what do all these rules mean and what is the process to follow them. That is a huge task and we’ve tried to answer as many of the actions and consequences in our ‘Return to play’ roadmap.

This document is free to download and has as much information in it that we can squeeze right now. Hopefully, it will go some way to allay any fears our club members have about returning to the sport once we begin training again. It will return but slowly and with great caution to everyone.

Here’s to seeing you all again soon!

Stay safe and stay healthy

Wildcats HQ

COVID-19 Return to play roadmap - WILDCATS 250620