Festival of Fun 2018 registration

Please use this form to register your child for the 2018 Festival of Fun Wildcats activities. *Please give your child’s FULL NAME, AGE and SCHOOL. We also require a parent/ guardian name and contact number for our records.

[contact-field label="Parent / Guardian contact number" type="" required="1"/]

* We absolutely will not pass on any information provided to any third party persons or companies. Any details given are for the completion of our club records. ALL children must provide written permission from their parents or guardians before they join in on the sessions. While we feel our sport is safe the risk of injury is always possible as in any sport you participate in. We view the safety of all participants as our first concern so our sport can be enjoyed to its fullest. Skates, protective padding and sticks can and will be provided. If your child has their own skates then we encourage them to bring them along too. If you have any questions on the safety equipment then feel free to ask any questions you feel we haven’t answered.