Blue Peter filming – BE A PART OF OUR CROWD! Saturday 2nd November 2019

We’re excited to say that the brilliant crew from BBC super show Blue Peter are coming to film and take part in one of our sessions to see what Rink Hockey is all about. Their presenters Lindsey and Richie will be strapping on their skates and giving it their best. So we need a big crowd to cheer them on! We’re thrilled to be asking if anyone would like to be a part of the day and cheer on the teams then you can pre-register your involvement in the day by emailing Kelly Thomas who will be able to collect your details and give you the info we have of the day.

Filming takes place this Saturday, 2nd November, at Ponds Forge sports centre in their main hall. We are asking our supporters to arrive around midday so we can arrange games featuring the presenters shortly after. To be eligible you must be 15 or under and each child must be accompanied by a responsible adult who can sign a release form on their child’s behalf. Oh and you MUST bring your biggest cheering voice too!

Send your emails to our club secretary, Kelly Thomas and she will be a able to pass on further details before you arrive.

You can also message us on our Facebook page too. Please share the post so we can reach out to as many people as possible.

We all hope to see you there for what is going to be a fantastic day!



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