Lucozade Sport’s Movers List

As the new season starts we have extremely exciting news to share. Our very own Chairman, Keith Whitton, has been selected by Lucozade Sport and the Independent Newspaper to be represented on their Movers List for 2019/20. This is a list of 50 amazing people in sport, selflessly giving their time up around the UK to grow the sports they love. Keith is not only our club chairman but also oversees youth coaching, recruitment of new players of all ages and is integral to all our crucial fund raising.

We’re so pleased that Keith’s hard work in the local area and nationally with the sport has been recognised. His tireless endeavour to get children in the Sheffield area skating and playing Rink Hockey is a shining light for our sport and helps grow the Wildcats to the great inclusive club it is today. We are still at the very start of our journey and without Keith’s experience and forward thinking we wouldn’t be where we are today. As a club we are so proud of his achievements and he deserves all the recognition he’s now receiving.

Earlier this summer Keith was also awarded a lifetime membership to our national body the NRHA for recognition of his 50 years of involvement in Rink Hockey. This in itself is a just and wonderful accolade to have. So 2019 has been a brilliant year for Keith and all the Wildcats family. We can’t wait to see what 2020 brings.

Please make sure you check out this years #MoversList for Keith’s story and the rest of the 50 wonderful people working to make sport accessible and successful in our country. Congratulations to everyone involved and of course to @LucozadeSport and the Independent for bring all their wonderful stories to a national audience.

You can read Keith’s story and all the others featured here

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